VEST Lawyers are your independent advisors on all legal issues. We advise and represent businesses and individuals from home and abroad, as well as small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations in virtually all areas of law. On one hand the focus of our activities is in labour, corporate and contract law and on the other in inheritance, family and civil claims (tort) law.

The specialization of individual lawyers and continuous training means that we offer a competent service at all times.

VEST lawyers understand each other as a team and as professionals we exchange information about each individual mandate. In this way, your case will be holistically analysed from different points of view and with regard to the different expertise. Based on this analysis we develop the best strategy for your case together with you, taking opportunities, risks and likely costs into consideration. Our work is based on the trusted relationship with our clients. The team is kept deliberately manageable so that we can take personal care of you via a contact person. We believe in this way we can understand exactly what is important to you.

In tax issues and areas outside our field of expertise we are happy to refer you to our cooperation partners.

Our work focuses on amongst other things:

VEST lawyers represent employers and employees in dismissal proceedings. Advice on employment conditions (including written warnings and rights regarding references), development and review of employment contracts and termination agreements are all services offered by our chancellery.

Business Law
The chancellery advises companies on the structuring of terms and conditions for general contracts. The comprehensive representation to enforce contractual claims (including debt recovery) and of warranty and damage claims is also a focus of VEST lawyers’ activities.

Real Estate
The extensive expertise of VEST Lawyers can support you in all issues relating to real estate, in all standing and in connection with real estate rights issues. VEST advises and represents both tenants and landlords with problems regarding residential and commercial leases. The same applies to homeowner associations, WEG managers and private homeowners.

Family and Inheritance Law
Equally qualified in all family and inheritance issues we offer advice both confidentially and discreetly. In all matters relating to marriage, separation and divorce, parental care, and the dealing with and maintenance for children and spouse/partner.

At VEST lawyers you will receive a sympathetic and competently sound solution. Since many problems can be avoided by preventive measures one area of our focus is the development of marriage and partnership agreements as well as divorce follow up agreements.

VEST Lawyers regularly represents clients out of court in complex inheritance, legacy and Inheritance disputes (Pflichtteilsauseinandersetzungen). The formulation of individual wills and testaments, living wills, health care directives and powers of attorney complete the firm’s services in this field.

Liability cases involving personal injury
VEST Lawyers represent various clients when enforcing their claims especially in line with the Product Liability Act. The determination of financial losses (including medical expenses, aids, housekeeping damages). Optimal assessment of compensation requires experience and a comprehensive description of the accident and the state of health.

Vest is a medieval name for a court together with its associated judicial district and expresses our awareness of being part of German legal history.

At the same time it sounds like the word 'veste', which is an older term for a 'castle', an apt symbol for our understanding of our role towards our clients.

Finally, it also reflects both our heritage and a cardinal point of the compass that expresses our desire to break into new uncharted territory.

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